My Stock Picking Work Flow

I am planning to capture my stock picking techniques over a period of time. My style of stock picking is kind of contrarian in nature. I am planning to have a list of 10 to 15 stocks in my portfolio. My Investment horizon is minimum 10 years. Most of my stock pics would be value stocks, with very few growth stocks. The intention is to come up with a portfolio that outperforms Sensex during the course of time.

What aspects do I consider while picking a stock

I’d be considering below aspects to come up with potential companies to buy.

  • Current Market Condition: Though this is not very important one most of the times. However, it is a fact that when the Markets correct most of the stocks correct, so it definitely helps in decision making.
  • Which sectors or themes have long term potential for growth
  • Among these industries which companies have potential for Growth
  • Rational for buying the shares of a particular company

I’ll be covering the above aspects in separate posts.

Disclaimer: I or ingenious investor are not responsible for any profit/loss incurred by the reader because of buying or selling the stocks mentioned in this blog.